The black pearl collection

Historically, men were also big wearers of jewellery, dripping gold and jewels just as much or even more than women. The Black Pearl collection is bringing this back with an edgy jewellery line perfect for all genders. Search for images of Maharajas and Mughal emperors and you’ll wonder how they could move under the weight of their finery. Toxic masculinity has refined jewellery to be something particularly for women, however, in recent years, the codes governing masculinity have finally loosened up, and the traditional lines between masculine and feminine fashion are blurring. As a company filled with powerful women in the workforce, we strive to achieve gender equality, part of this being to blur the divide between conventional gender stereotypes and roles.

Harry Styles, wearing a pearl earring and Gucci’s Alessandro Michele at the Met Gala 2019 (Getty Images)

This evolution has been far from smooth since elements of the streetwear constituency are very much attached to masculine stereotypes. Kanye West’s Givenchy leather kilt on tour in 2011 caused fashion uproar at the time for its unorthodox approach. Looking back on this moment, Kanye considers this his fashion “awaking”. (source:

Waylon wearing Proud Pearls at the Voice of Holland

Dutch singer and songwriter Waylon is a role-model for jewellery-wearing men, he combines several stainless steel necklaces with black pearls and creates a brave and edgy style. He is a judge on the Voice of Holland, as shown in the above pictures he is wearing our long, black baroque pearl necklace combined with other necklaces.

Marcel Veenendaal, lead-singer of Di-rect is wearing Proud Pearls wrap bracelets

Dutch lead-singer Marcel Veenendaal (from Rock band Di-rect) loves our Proud Pearls new Black Pearl collection and is very creative in mixing and matching his unique style. In the above pictures, Marcel is wearing our wrist wrap with black pearls and the ‘feather and pearls’ necklace, both available in our shop. Read more about Marcel, his band and up-coming concerts.Di-rect

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