Proud to be Down Under

We are very proud to present our Pure Bohemian collection, which was specially designed for our fellow pearl connoisseurs Down Under. We hope to share with our Australian customers the idea that pearls are no longer a formal fashion accessory worn by an older generation, with one look at our products you will completely scrub out the mental image of a string of white pearls with twinsets and come explore a whole new exciting world of pearls…

The Pure Bohemian collection is designed specifically for our Australian customers using vegan suede with baroque freshwater pearls or a unique combination of pearls with crystal beads and charms, some designs can be worn as a necklace or wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet.

The collection is comprised of unique designs that capture the essence of the relaxed and laid- back lifestyle of Australians and their love for the ocean. This season’s colours reflect the three essentials of our living: the earth, the sky and the sea. Every item in the collection is accentuated with a beautiful charm featuring the Endless Knot. This is an old Tibetan symbol, a line without a beginning or an end, which signifies both calm and movement, while representing the idea that everything in this world is interconnected. This represents Proud Pearls’ concept of all cultures coming together as an inspirational way of life.

This avant-garde collection can be worn in the cooler months teamed with jeans, knitwear, or a plain shirt and boots. This bohemian collection is also perfect for the warm weather, as boutiques around Australia begin to stock our summer tones and styles. These pieces can be teamed with your togs, shift dresses, maxis, shorts or caftans. Each design is completely unique and handcrafted from the highest quality materials and hand-selected pearls.

This collection is diverse and offers a piece for every occasion. The range features classy combinations of vegan suede, authentic pearls, wooden beads and charms. All of our orders can be personalised upon your request! During one of our designer, Hannelore’s, visits to Australia, she identified a market for the beautiful freshwater pearl designs to be worn as everyday jewellery. The stunning landscape of Western Australia inspired her to design this unique pearl collection.

We are very proud to work together with our lovely Australian wholesale manager, Tracey Smith. Proud Pearls are currently seeking exclusive stockists, for more information or wholesale inquiries in Australia please contact us for individual retail sales in Australia.

Our favourite bestseller Down Under

Our bestsellers in the Proud Pearls range are the pearl wrap bracelets. Each item is handcrafted from the highest quality materials featuring hand-selected, genuine, baroque pearls and vegan suede. We have two different styles:

white pearl wraps (125cm length / 3mm wide braid)
black pearl wraps (140cm length / 4mm wide braid)

White Pearl Wrist Wraps
You can wear this as a necklace or wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet. This season’s colours reflect the three essentials of our living: the earth, the sky and the sea. Each white wrap bracelet features our logo charm and the Tibetan Endless Knot.

Black Pearl Wrist Wraps
We are proud to present our new black pearl wrap bracelets, these wraps are a little longer and wider for larger wrists and for an edgier look. These pieces are available in the following colours: chalk, stone, steel, onyx, midnight or a custom colour upon your request. Visit our “shop” page to discover both collections of white and black pearl wraps.