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We are proud to present a limited edition of Dutch-inspired contemporary jewellery:

Set of three baroque bracelets: these matching bracelets are an elegant and classy combination of high- quality 10/11mm baroque pearls and hand-painted ceramic Delftware beads strung on an elastic string. This set of three bracelets has a length of approximately 19cm each.

Long baroque pearl necklaces: large 10/11mm baroque genuine pearls and Delftware ceramics. These are a perfect example of customised jewellery, which are an elegant and classy combination of high-quality baroque pearls and hand-painted Delftware. This necklace is approximately 96cm in length.

Lustrous round pearls necklace and bracelet: round pearls beautifully combined with Dutch Delftware featuring stunning hand-painted ceramic and handmade sterling silver details with a sterling silver clasp. A unique and striking combination. The necklace is 44cm in length, and the bracelet is 21cm in length. Both are hand-knotted with the highest quality (AAA) 8mm pearls and ceramic Delftware beads.

Chains, pearls & Delftware necklace: high-quality stainless steel chains combined with six large rings with three high-quality AAA pearls, plus three hand-painted porcelain beads. An extra pearl is attached at the clasp. The length of the necklace is adjustable from 42-52cm.

Chains, pearls & Delftware bracelet:the bracelet is adjustable from 18.5-22.5 cm. It contains four large rings with two high-quality AAA pearls and two hand-painted porcelain beads.

Chains, pearls & Delftware earrings: the earrings feature sterling silver hooks, high-quality stainless steel rings beautifully combined with two high-quality AAA pearls and two hand-painted porcelain beads.

Make a statement with these unique, handmade Dutch designs. The designs of our Dutch Details collection are new, classic pearl designs which explore what it is that gives a piece a lasting style. Pieces to treasure forever.


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Quality is in the details

The Essential collection consist of timeless pearl-classics, meticulously handcrafted from genuine freshwater pearls. Every piece of jewellery is one of a kind – items to treasure!

Made in Holland

All of our designs are made with love in our studio in Holland. All of the pearls are carefully handpicked by us- only the highest quality are chosen for use in our beautiful designs. Each item of jewellery is carefully hand-made. Proud Pearls is very proud of our well-trained, passionate and professional team.









Proud Pearls new collection Dutch Delftware

Dutch design by Proud Pearls®

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Weight 1 g
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 40 mm
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set of 3 bracelets baroque pearls, necklace baroque pearls, bracelet round pearls, necklace round pearls, bracelet steel chain, necklace steel chain, earrings chain

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