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Proud Pearls new collection Sonia Lovett


Beautiful Sonia is a perfect example how to age gracefully, she helps you stay in touch with your power by showing you timeless style with a contemporary edge. She laughingly mentions that she has been “dressing herself since 1952“ a tongue-in-cheek nod to her age. She is a lifelong fan of costume jewellery: the creativity, the color, the vibrancy and the variety all totally hypnotise her as she is writing in her blogs: (Styling by Serena Duffin & Photography by Erin Reas).

Proud Pearls new collection


What happens when we strip away the buzziness of wellness trends and the business of conventional modern living? We find beautiful ways to enhance our natural rhythm, and with any luck, it’s as graceful and dreamy as that of ageless Australian model and mother of three, Abigail O’Neill. Abigail’s hardcore holistic approach to wellness is incredibly inspiring. The Aussie mama — an author, model and raw chocolate obsessee — is truly living her best life, embracing a mostly raw vegan lifestyle, nourishing herself with sunshine, spring water, fresh air, and pure faith in the power of plants.

Proud Pearls new collection Suzie
Proud Pearls new collection Suzie


Creative, sportive and beautiful Suzie, living in the stunning and diverse landscape of Victoria, you can find her with her tripod and self-timer shooting all photos by herself. Suzie is a great example for all fashionable ladies of 40+ looking gorgeous in our Proud Pearls jewellery.

Proud Pearls new collection


A happy, optimistic and passionate person, Maria! Maria is a classically trained singer, mostly working in the classical and operatic field. However, there are so many more art-forms, styles of music and ways to put your creativity into the world, Maria is lucky enough to be given the opportunity to explore those as well! The goal in her career has always been to reach people, show people the wonder that is music, and by doing so, connecting them to each other.

Proud Pearls new collection
Proud Pearls new collection


Meet Melissa, the most positive woman you can find down under in WA, being a flower-child with a free spirit surrounded by butterflies and stardust she creates a beautiful fairyland on her social media, we are proud she is a pearl-lover and we love seeing how she styles her Proud Pearl pieces.

Proud Pearls new collection Sonia


Soul fashionista and working mum Sonia lives in Brisbane. Sonia has a love for writing, fashion, and empowering and infusing hope in others. She calls it ‘soul fashion’ because she aims to connect people with their soul through fashion. Her blogs are a place where you can come to be inspired, empowered and be hopeful for the future.

Proud Pearls new collection


Celebrity interviewer, style expert and don’t forget animal lover, Roxy, loves jewellery. You can find her on the red carpet in the USA making exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews from some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and insight into A-list events. Roxy co-hosts a hilarious podcast with actress Tammin Sursok that delves into the truths about being female, being a mother and the general chaos that goes with trying to navigate life with boobs, burp cloths, and the strong desire to have a life. Follow their podcasts here: Roxy’s podcasts

Proud Pearls new collection
Proud Pearls new collection


Classic beauty Penny is also positive about ageing and always looking gorgeous in her Instagram posts, loving fashion and pearls and loving her life during her 50s. She is a model at Australia’s first mature age talent agency Silverfox group, ‘style has no age limit’.

Proud Pearls new collection


Meet Diana, a beautiful senior lecturer, consultant and coach at educational master programs for teachers at a university in Holland. Diana epitomises our company’s support for powerful women in the workforce! She loves to inspire other women, walk in nature and visit museums to see contemporary and classic art.

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Proud Pearls Boho collection meet the maker
Proud Pearls meet the maker