The origin of Delft blue

Delft pottery is glazed pottery that was first made in the early 17th century in Delft, The Netherlands. The inspiration for the paintings came from Chinese porcelain, which was imported to The Netherlands using VOC vessels.

At the end of the 16th century, the Portuguese and later the Dutch were introduced to Chinese porcelain. This import of blue and white porcelain was fine and graceful and was immediately in high demand. Only the very wealthy could afford it. In the beginning, the Delft potters mainly applied oriental decorations to the porcelain, but later the images became more Dutch.

Proud Pearls new collection Dutch Delftware
Proud Pearls new collection Dutch Delftware
Proud Pearls new collection Dutch Delftware
Proud Pearls new collection Dutch Delftware

The best of both worlds

The tiles, pharmacy bottles, decorative plates, vases, candlesticks and crockery are especially famous. The first Chinese porcelain that the VOC transported to the Netherlands was made during the Ming dynasty. This explains why many of the Delft products, even long after the fall of this dynasty (1644), are decorated with typical Ming-like or Wanli motifs.

But Delftware is more than copies of Chinese porcelain. In the 17th century, Delft ceramic painters such as Isaac Junius, Frederik van Frytom and Arie de Milde managed to raise the quality of their products to unprecedented heights. Their end products are true works of art. Thanks to new painting and baking techniques, they always created unique pieces.

Examples of Chinese porcelain and Dutch Delft blue pottery

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